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Connect to the internet, it's just easy with facebook account. Choose and get it now!

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What the benefits for users?

Only one account

Easy to access your internet connection by only using their Facebook login account.

It's simple, isn't it?

and this you can't believe it for significant business benefits!

  • Marketing campaign

  • Guest engagement

  • Handling guest complain

  • Security policy

  • Guest profile

  • Boost your fan page

  • Reduce cost of marketing

  • Exponensial effect

  • Direct message to guest

  • Customer analytic

Increase the popularity of facebook page.

More people come and connect, they can easily connect, we get amazing opportunity for the business.

Raising awareness through the check-in location in the user's Facebook wall.

Obtain user data using free hotspots through facebook.

We can use this data to review more about what have we done, what should we do next? what users need? and etc.