Varnion Corporate Culture

Technology, fun, gadget, game, works, life, we love our family & we love God

VCC#1. Delivering WOW Service to Everyone

Impression from everyone about Varnion is very important, Varnioners learn to make and build deep impression in their work environment, and so that what left is satisfaction. . . Read more

VCC#2. We are Team & Family

In Varnion we are a working team, no one is more important than others in Varnion. . . Read more

VCC#3. Work with Fun & Madness

Work with fun and a little bit of madness is important. Others can say that work is boring but at Varnion, work is fun because we know what the goal that we must to reach. We love internet and we live in internet. . . Read more

VCC#4. Satisfaction in Innovation

Always looking for the new things become a part of Varnioners life, enjoying the new things is satisfaction for us. We do not accept current condition, because... Read more

VCC#5. Becoming Agent of Change

We want to inspire people around us with our mindset and lifestyle so this world will become a better place. . . Read more

VCC#6. Be Humble & Glorify God

We know that everything was given by God and should be return to God. So Varnioners have to realize that every progress, everything that we have is a gift from God. . . Read more