We are here to make our clients happy

How we handle your problem

The most important thing when you become Varnion's friends is we give technical networking consultation to those who need solution for their problems.

We also configure directly your request without any additional charge. In other words, Varnion's friends not only get internet connection by subscribe to Varnion's service but also get technical advises.

Most of internet providers only focus on selling their internet connection but Varnion is different.

When there are problems in Varnion's network, Varnion's friends can contact their account manager or meet the Varnion evangelist directly.

Who are they? Varnion evangelist is a group of Varnioners who configures the network directly and expert in their own field, and also have international certifications, so they can give you solutions directly, advise, or help you to solve problems quickly.

In otherwise, the service from ordinary internet providers, customers should have to meet a customer service who can not give fast and detail solution.

7 days a week and 24 hours a day

We realize a company who faces a problem with their internet connection needs a quick response and action, they can not be served by ordinary customer service who do not have capability to make a quick and right decision to handle the trouble.

For this issue, Varnion provides a dedicated account manager service to help and to handle corporate problems. In other words, if trouble happens one company will have one dedicated account manager that can be called 24x7.

Varnion will always tries to give a quick, sensitive and right respond to every customer needs.