Secure backup for your business

Worried about your data at office? No needs to be a paranoid, with Varnion Cloud Network we can deliver your data from office to your home with secure connection. We encrypt the internet to your home.

Whatever data that you wish could be sent to your home. Just drag and drop your data from file explorer. Your office and home is on the same LAN. We call it Varnion Cloud Network.

Centralize your data

Your photos are at the different location with your file. Music at USB disk, movies at other harddisk, files at your home computers or else, no need to get confuse when you want to access it. When you want to monitor your CCTV but from other computer, you are thinking about VPN at your home.

With Varnion Cloud Network we made small home networking. All of your data media will be in 1 server and of course you will get your own VPN.

Virtually access your work from anywhere

When you want to do something at your home network but you are far from home, no need to worry, you can do it from anywhere. Want to get access to your CCTV without being worried? Viewing your photos, videos or even listening to your favorite music from home is possible.

You can get access to your data at home virtually from everywhere. Varnion Cloud Network helps you to do it.

Expanding & Growing with Us

1 TB is not enough for your data at home? We can help to configure your data storage and home servers at home, so it can be accessed from everywhere.