Fast & Stable Internet Connection

Adorable internet connection sensation ever

Three important prerequisites for having fast & stable internet connection

An excellent quality of upstream link with their best paths, we have this.

Reliable Hardware

for forwarding connections to and from client sites, and of course we always choose the best one available.

Well trained support

personnel to maintain a good quality network and to assist customer when dealing with problems. Again it's always the best.

You can manage your own connection, the power is in your hand

1 : 1 connection

This is the point from which we sell to our clients.

We rent out bandwidth 1:1, it means when we say that bandwidth is 1 Mb/s, you will get the speed to 1 Mb upload speed and 1 Mb download speed. 1:1 also means that this bandwidth is not shared with other subscribers.

In other words, the bandwidth is dedicated to you.

100% uptime internet connection

If you say that only optical fiber can have a 100% SLA for you, then you're wrong. We can provide 100% SLA for the satisfaction of our corporate services using a wireless connection. The backup service is also available from Varnion.

These 3 wireless connection comes from 3 different Varnion BTS. Even if you want to make BGP internal routing, Varnion can do that for you. You can just relax and have a nice sleep.