100% Service Level Agreement

Truly internet Experience. The first ISP in Indonesia.

Varnion is the first ISP in Indonesia which give 100% SLA, this means we guarantee that there will be no down time in internet service usage. You will be asking why Varnion dare to give this such of SLA?

IBS (Intelligent Bridging System)

IBS is a software capability that we add to our ethernet which running more than 2 networks without causing any data packet collisions within. In other words, all of our wireless backbone will be in one ethernet, and there will be no looping and no increasing in number of existing hops.

Never Compromise

Varnion knows well what a client's need. We understand that internet is very important in supporting client's business, that is why Varnion always devote to give network service to the clients.

Truly Internet Experience with Network

Varnion is not only selling bandwidth, but what we sell to client is SPEED. Experience the speed.

How can we give You 100% guarantee?

Multiple media distribution to client

We are bundling our client distribution with 2/3 media from different POP (a join between FO and wireless). 2/3 of that media is always ON, so when one network is fail then the other network will automatically back up the network that fail.

Multiple international network/internet backbone

To create 100% SLA, Varnion use 2 backbones for each connection, local connection (IIX) and international connection.

Multiple Routing Protocols

Varnion use many type of routing protocol in order to guarantee the connection that we give to our clients. This is what we give to the clients according to their needs.

We make POP/BTS very carefully

Varnion make POP/BTS carefully and detailed. We care about grounding. Our support team gets training to handle problems with lightning. We are protecting every hardware that we use, RF, RG45, with internet protection, electricity protection, and weather proof protection.