Amazing Infrastructure

Knowledge, skill and solutions.

How we make POP?

We had carefully design and create our POP. Every hardware is protected, RF, RG45 (internet protection), with electricity protection and weather proof protection.

How we configure our network?

We are bundling our client distribution with 2/3 media from different POP (a join between FO and wireless). 2/3 media is always on. If there is one network that fails, then the other network will back it up automatically. Varnion also use 2 backbones for each connection, local (IIX) and international. Multiple backbones are connected to some of major provider which guarantee Varnion's connection.

Varnion Dedicated Account

7 days a week and 24 hours a day

By build a customer trust, clients will also keep us to stand firm as the leading company and for us it is very important to meet a customer satisfaction. Based on what we believe, Varnion will always try to give a quick, sensitive and good respond for every customer need.

Company who need a quick response and action when having a problem with their internet connections can not be served by ordinary customer service, which does not have capabilities to make a quick and right decision to handle the trouble. For this issue, Varnion provides a dedicated account manager service to help and to handle corporate problems, in other words one company will have one dedicated account manager who can be contacted if trouble happen.