Varnion Hospitality System

The easiest way to maintain your network


Varnion combines technology and hospitality into VHS. We call it Varnion Hospitality System, which integrates the Property Management System with web based User Management System from Varnion.

Managing internet voucher never been so easy. Our system support card module, PayPal, and local bank. You can also add profile, create account and manage your invoicing system (automatic suspend, delete account, automatic authentication).
With this facility you can determine when did your guests online, how long he's online, or how much of bandwidth capacity he can get. Does the system need to be made for volume or speed? Specify your own.
Using Layer 7 protocol, you can block specific port. It's using blocking port on the fly and customizes port blocking.
Monitor your bandwidth live. It's actual and real time.
Administrator can change the bandwidth capacity.
Generate internet voucher easily. You can provide prepaid internet voucher.
Login everywhere with the same username & password.
You do not need to get headaches; so far the hotel voucher providers limit the number of online users simultaneously. Discover unlimited facilities from us, of course, do not forget that you will need to provide sufficient bandwidth.
If you have more than one ISP, we can balance it.
Do you have two different ISP? Don't worry. Our system is ready to fail over, load balancing. Whatever the type of network you have, will be supported by our system. Our focus is all of IT Department can sleep in peace.
Tired of dealing with users who have an existing IP configuration on the laptop, so you should come visit the users and have to do the reconfiguration?
With this feature all users can stay connected to the Internet without changing the old configuration.
Using the smartest tool ever, it's never been so easy to maintain your network. That's why we call it Megalos.
Simplify the system. With existing student ID that has been integrated with the internet system, student can connect to the internet anytime, anywhere.
Support media distribution. We support any media that you use. Name it, wireless, fiber optic, Wimax, cable, & IPLC