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This is what Varnion always seek

What kind of internet connection do you think Indonesia has right now ?

Slow & Unstable internet connection


Unmanaged network

No matter how fast and big your internet bandwidth will always be not enough if you do not manage your network.

Unfair broadband connection

Most of existing broadband provider doesn't guarantee that their user will get the internet speed that has been chosen.

Poor reliability

You have to be sure that your internet connection is guaranteed, because it is one of the key to the fast & stable internet connection.

Varnion is different than others? absolutely Yes. Varnion will deliver not only bandwidth but also the solution for you to experience fast & stable internet.

We give the best solutions

Varnion gives smart solution for you to experience fast & stable internet.

The most powerful user system

You can see live network graph with the detail connection for local & international link every 1 minute update.
Learn more about Traffic Graph

The easiest way to maintain your network

Varnion combines technology and hospitality into Varnion Hospitality System. Our Varnion Hospitality System is used to manage internet bandwidth when dealing with changeable users.
Learn more about Varnion Hospitality System

Secure your e-Mail

Own your private IP address. IP address will be given personally to every client.
Learn more about Private SMTP Server

Being your Friend and help what you need

Dedicated tool for client to ease the internet usage and help them to analyze what's happening on their internet traffic.
Learn more about Traffic Analyzer