Live: Three Days of Work and (Extremely) Fun Adventure in Lombok

Starring: Nicky, Gilang Shot by: Nicky, Gilang Place: Lombok Date: May 10, 2017

Varnion put the extra in the ordinary ISP where in Varnion, work equals to FUN. In our latest adventure, we left the already-congested Bali for much quieter Gili islands of Lombok.

As soon

as our plane touched down at the International Airport of Lombok we hurriedly headed to Senggigi where prior to our arrival, we had reserved a room at a small but lovely hotel with modern and minimalist setup. Though it took almost 3 hours to get there, it was all paid up as the scenery from the airport to our hotel was so refreshing with its greenery, rice paddies, and hills guaranteed to rejuvenate all the weariness inside your body. Not to forget our initial duty coming to the island, devices were out in a second we had arrived at the hotel checking the internet connection in and around it.

The second day

was the jewel of this adventure where we went out early in the morning to get to know the Senggigi area, its hotels and the behavior and activities of the tourists.

After a closer look,

Senggigi was much more similar to Sanur area in Bali where you can find big villas and hotels but less tourists traffic as most of the activities happen inside the hotel area.

Morning had turned into noon

and we decided to head straight to the 3 Gili islands: Air, Meno and Trawangan which, in our opinion, are more than enough to represent the charm of Lombok’s beaches and its underwater natural diversity. The journey on a small boat to Gili Air had ended in a blink of an eye and suddenly we had found ourselves sitting on white sands at a beautiful beach enjoying our simple lunch with the side of blue sea and clear bright sky. With full stomach, we set to explore this charming little island by bike. For your information, the only vehicles available on these 3 Gili islands were either bike or cidomo (horse cart) so it was definitely pollution-free. Nice, isn’t it?

Our adventure

in Gili Meno was not that different than the one we had had in Gili Air where we explored the island and tested the internet connection. This time, to give our legs a little rest, instead of riding bikes we rented a cidomo which was equipped with its own sound system. Definitely an interesting ride.

Not to spend any more time,

we headed to the last destination of our journey which was Gili Trawangan. Out of the 3 Gili islands, Gili Trawangan had the most tourist traffic with pubs, clubs and restaurants spread closely to one another. We arrived at Gili Trawangan after 15 minutes of boat ride and directly went to our hotel. To make it more convenient, snorkeling was only steps away from the hotel. With Rp 50,000 per person, we could rent snorkel and take our little sweet time snorkeling around the island. We definitely did not miss the perfect time to view the sun set and its rich reddish color displayed across the sky. What a magnificent experience!

The sun

had set and the nightlife in Gili Trawangan started to show its charm. We walked to a night market and sat down to have some dinner. It seemed not only local tourists enjoyed Lombok local dishes but also international tourists appeared to relish them as well.

It was quite a crowd

in Gili Trawangan as the majority of it premises were pubs and clubs frequented by most of the international tourists.

A nice little breakfast

opened the last day of our adventure in Lombok. Not to miss the opportunity to explore the island further as the sun shined so brightly, we repeated our adventure in Gili Air by renting a bike to get the feel of the land and test the internet connection as well. The blue of the water provided to be quite a distraction as we had the thought to dive into it one more time to refresh our body. Time pulled the brake to our thought as we needed to return to Bali soon after the survey for the internet infrastructure had been concluded. Nevertheless, we brought the amazing memories during our time in Lombok along with the 3 hours of journey back to the Island of God, Bali.

Work in Varnion has always been an adventure. In Varnion, FUN is only a start. See you on the next journey.


May 10, 2017
Three Days of Work and (Extremely) Fun Adventure in Lombok

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